Monthly Archives: April 2014

Understanding An Amortization Schedule

When you take out a mortgage, you are agreeing to pay back the amount you have borrowed along with interest, over a set period of time. We're going to address the typical 30 year fixed principal and interest loan program for this particular article about an amortization schedule.  Most of the time, mortgage payments also include an…
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What’s My Debt-to-Income (DTI) Ratio?

Debt-to-Income (DTI) is one of the mortgage terms that you will hear about when looking to purchase a home or refinance your current mortgage. DTI is one of the most important mortgage approval factors.  It measures a borrower's gross monthly income compared to the monthly credit payments and other monthly liabilities.  It is calculated by dividing…
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Friday Humor/Smile – Amazing Quartet!

              Click Here To Watch Video  These three incredibly talented ladies (along with their pianist) prove beyond any doubt that a (mostly) string quartet can, in fact, be exhilarating. Who knew? Have a Great Weekend and Happy Easter!
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